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Tying the Pass Lake Minnow

Pacific Fly Fishers' Pass Lake Minnow

Pacific Fly Fishers' Pass Lake Minnow has been a popular and productive fly for imitating Fathead Minnows in Washington's Pass Lake.  In this article, learn how to tie the Pass Lake Minnow.  Includes the photos, instruction and necessary materials.

Invention of the RIO Coastal QuickShooter

RIO Coastal QuickShooter Fly LineRIO's new Coastal Quickshooter fly line has been an instant hit with Puget Sound cutthroat anglers.  Read about the ideas and process of developing the line from Pacific Fly Fishers' Capt. Ben Zander, who created the idea and helped RIO to make the line to his specifications.  The RIO Coastal Quickshooter is an intermediate sinking line with a clear head and chartreuse running line.  It shoots like a laser beam into stiff beach winds and keeps the fly in the fish's zone.

6mm Fly Tying Foam

6mm Foam Fly Tying FoamIn recent years, the use of thicker forms of foam have become much more prevalent in the world of fly tying.  Saltwater poppers like the Tequilla Popper, the popular Morrish Mouse (pictured), numerous bass poppers, and even steelhead skaters are utilizing thicker foam to keep flies riding high and creating more surface disturbance.

Float Tube vs. Pontoon Boat

Few things can impact the success and enjoyment of fly fishing more than having a way to get out on the water.  Whether you are fishing rivers or lakes, having a way to float the river or get out on that lake will usually make your day more productive and fun.  Often, anglers start with a float tube or pontoon boat since they are both fairly inexpensive and don’t require a lot of storage space like a drift boat does.

Simms Cold Weather Gloves

Fall has finally made its way into Western Washington. The temps are dropping and most anglers are starting to think about chum salmon and steelhead. As we get further into winter the need for warm comfortable clothing comes into mind. We have a saying here at Pacific Fly Fishers, happy hands equals happy fisherman. Here we break down the new line up of gloves from Simms. All have angler specific functions and all will keep your hands toasty throughout long cold days on the river.

New Dubbings

We've added some new kinds of dubbing here at Pacific Fly Fishers.  And we also have a number of others on clearance sale for $0.99.  Check them out.  We have new dubbings for dry flies, nymphs, steelhead, and even a dubbing that makes very cool small baitfish streamers.  Here is a list of the new dubbings:

Coho Salmon

We are are in the middle of an great coho run. Fish are still in Puget Sound and a good amount in the the rivers. Look for coho in the Skykomish and better yet the Skagit river. Remember that coho love the color chartreuse as well as a deep pink. As with everything this year, the fish are late. Look for more numbers of coho to enter Puget Sound in the next week or two.


Lenice Lake - Hold the Wind, Please.

I love the look of Lenice and all the ledges and drop-offs in this lake. The various ledges and depressions in this lake offer the fish good travelling lanes to find their food and are key areas to look for them.

When I arrived at Lenice and opened the door of my truck, it was immediately pulled from my hand, blew open and shook the truck as it reached the maximum limit of the hinges. “Whoa, it’s a bit windier than I thought it was”, I said to myself.

In the parking lot, a customer and friend of PFF watched me roll in and came over to say hello. He regrettably informed me that the lake was fishing pretty slow and that it had been windy all morning and he was heading home. I could certainly see the wind hadn’t let up as I began packing my boat with the eight million fishing goodies I like to have with me in a day of fishing.