Airflo Xtreme Running Line

Being a steelhead and spey junkie I have become very familiar with most of the running lines on the market today.  I have never been a mono running line guy for those that know me.  I have given them their fair shake and fished them, they just don't feel right to me.  I do however enjoy the lack of tangling that mono produces along with the lack of friction and the distance that it can produce.  This is where the Airlfo Xtreme Running Line works the best for me.  This line is harder and slicker than almost all running lines that are not mono.  It has some of the same qualities when it comes to shooting your line as mono.  It just makes it easier to hold onto during those bitter cold winter steelhead days where the fingers feel like ice cubes, and if you step on it with your studs you are not worried about a weak spot in your line.
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