Loon UV Mini Lamp

The Loon U.V. Mini Lamp is nearly a must for using Loon's U.V. products like Knot Sense. When you don't have bright sunlight, use the U.V. Mini Lamp to cure these products in a few seconds. Great for indoors, at night, or speeding curing on overcast days. It is also great for charging glow-in-the-dark items.

Uses four AG3 batteries which are included.

Directions for use:
While indoors or shaded from the sun apply Loon UV product and form into desired shape. To cure, shine UV Mini Lamp on UV product. UV Product should be fully cured and hardened in 15 seconds.

  • UV light for curing Loon's UV products
  • Lightweight and ideal to carry in a vest
  • Uses 4 AG3 batteries (included)