Airflo Super-Dri Elite



Airflo's SuperDri Elite fly line is an all-purpose floating fly line perfect for trout anglers.  The Airflo SuperDri Elite lines are super durable, float high, cast a mile, and have really impressed us.

SuperDri technology was developed featuring a friction reducing coating which lets the line glide through the rod rod rings and adds yards to your cast. The SuperDri's coating gives you unparalleled floatation with the ability to repel water, dirt and surface scum better than any material in the history of fly lines.

Another new feature of the SuperDri range from Airflo is 'Zone Technology', a new concept that uses a low compression compound in the part of the line exposed to the most stress, ensuring the line doesn't stick to the rod guides when hauling and shooting. This new line technology will minimize friction during the cast, helping with distance and extending the life of your floating line. Coupled with Airflo's revolutionary ridge and power core, you will notice the difference from your very first cast.

The Super Dri Elite fly line is one of our 'go-to' floating fly lines for trout anglers. The standard head length and modest front taper will allow any angler to present a fly with ease at distance with great presentation. This line does it all, great for all aspects of trout fishing.

  • Product Use: All round Freshwater
  • Line Size: WF2-7
  • Color: Lichen Green
  • Density: High Float
  • Core Material: Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core
  • Coating: Super Dri Ridge
  • Loop Type: Micro Loop Both Ends
  • Optimum Temperature Range: -5c to 26c
Airflo Elite Floating Fly Line Diagram
Line Size
Length Head Tip Front
Belly Rear
Head wt
90ft 36' 0.5' 6' 23' 6' 54' 100gn
90ft 37' 0.5' 6' 24' 6' 53' 130gn
90ft 39' 0.5' 6.5' 25' 6.5' 51' 160gn
90ft 40' 0.5' 7' 25' 7' 50' 190gn
90ft 42' 0.5' 8' 26' 8' 48' 230gn
90ft 42' 0.5' 8' 26' 8' 48' 255gn