RIO Tippet Fluoroflex Plus



RIO's Fluoroflex Plus fluorocarbon tippet is 100% fluorocarbon and is one of the strongest, thinnest fluorocarbons on the market. It has an incredible strength to diameter ratio, is nearly invisible to fish, and sinks much faster than regular nylon tippet material. Fluoroflex Plus is also quite supple and ties excellent knots.

RIO tippet is the number one selling tippet in the industry. RIO's tippet spools are interlocking but still rotate when locked together. Their patented restraint strap allows for easy withdrawl or replacement of tippet material from the spool. Size and specifications are also printed right on the elastic restraint strap and each size is color coded for easy identification.  

30 yard spool.  

  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • High knot strength

Ideal For

  • Nymphs
  • Soft Hackles
  • Chironomids
Size Lb Test Diameter
0X 15 lb. 0.011"
1X 13 lb. 0.010"
2X 12 lb. 0.009"
3X 8.5 lb. 0.008"
4X 7 lb. 0.007"
5X 5 lb. 0.006"
6X 3.6 lb. 0.005"
7X 2.5 lb. 0.004"