G Loomis IMX-Pro Fly Rods

G Loomis


G Loomis has really hit a home run with their IMX PRO rods.  Lightweight and smooth casting in your hand, the G Loomis IMX PRO fly rods are fast-action rods with plenty of power in the bottom end for power when you need it for long casts or heavy shooting head lines. 

G Loomis IMX PRO fly rods are moderately priced but fish beyond their price point.  They have been very popular with customers in our store and in the fly fishing market in general.  It's simply hard to go wrong with the IMX PRO for beginner to very experienced anglers.

  • Lightweight and smooth casting performance
  • Fast-action
  • Powerful bottom end for distance casting, high line speed and strong hook sets
  • Great all-purpose rods for numerous fishing applications
  • Each rod comes with a rod sock and cloth covered rod tube
  • G. Loomis Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Here is What G-Loomis has to say about their IMX-PRO

    Built to the unrelenting specifications of professional fishing guides, the IMX-PRO series is comprised of 15 purpose driven designs to meet the performance demands of modern freshwater fishing. Striking the ultimate balance of handsome appointments, positive feel, and unflinching durability, IMX-PRO is a game-changing addition to the serious angler's quiver.


    Model Number: Rod Length: Line Weight: Handle:
    486-4 8'6" 4 wt A
    590-4 9' 5 wt A
    5100-4 10' 5 wt B
    690-4 9' 6 wt B
    696-4 9'6" 6 wt B
    790-4 9' 7 wt B
    7100-4 10' 7 wt B
    890-4 9' 8 wt B