G Loomis IMX-Pro Short Spey Fly Rods

G Loomis


G Loomis has come out with a rod that filled a niche in the market with the IMX Pro Short Spey line of rods. With the ever growing popularity of shorter spey lines, Tom Larimer and Steve Rajeff of G Loomis saw a need for a series of rods that better suited these short lines. They wanted a shorter spey rod that had a true spey flex and feel, not too be confused as a switch rod, and they nailed it. These rods load deep into the butt section, and feel much more like a longer spey rod but in a compact length. These rods really excel with short lines but don't let the short length fool you, these rods are capable of throwing very long casts. Build your quiver of IMX Pro Short Spey rods to cover everything from your trout spey fishing to your winter steelheading.

G Loomis IMX PRO fly rods are moderately priced but fish beyond their price point.  They have been very popular with customers in our store and in the fly fishing market in general.  It's simply hard to go wrong with the IMX PRO Short Spey for beginner to very experienced anglers.

  • Lightweight and smooth casting performance
  • Fast-action
  • Powerful bottom end for distance casting, high line speed and strong hook sets
  • Great all-purpose rods for numerous fishing applications
  • Each rod comes with a rod sock and cloth covered rod tube
  • G. Loomis Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Here is What G-Loomis has to say about their IMX-PRO

    The two-hand angler's toolkit is evolving. Efficient and versatile, modern short-format head systems are a popular and practical solution for many common casting and presentation issues. Recognizing this, Tom Larimer and Steve Rajeff joined forces to create a collection of true spey actions carefully crafted to meet the performance characteristics of this new breed of fly lines. All five models share an 11'11" length, perfect for executing short swings and managing low overhead canopies. With progressive flex patterns, medium-fast actions, and pumped power levels, IMX-PRO ShortSpeys jack casts like your favorite long rod. Conduit Core technology and Multi-Taper design enhance positive feel, and provide ultimate balance from the tip to lower grip.


    Model Number: Rod Length: Line Weight:
    11'11" 3 wt
    11'11" 4 wt
    51111-4 11'11" 5 wt
    61111-4 11'11" 6 wt
    71111-4 11'11" 7 wt