RIO Tarpon Leader - 3 Pack



Leaders are a topic of conversation for all tarpon anglers.  With RIO's Tarpon Leader, know you have it right, right out of the bag.  The RIO Tarpon Leader features a hand twisted butt section for shock absorption with a Bimini Twist to the 20 lb. class tippet and an ultra-tough 80 lb. fluorocarbon shock tippet.  The total length is 6-feet, which is ideal for intermediate and sinking line applications.

20lb class - 80lb shock. 

The RIO Tarpon Leader is a beautifully hand tied leader by the experts at RIO.

Three leaders per package.

Heres what RIO has to say about its Tarpon Leaders

The Tarpon leader is a hand crafted leader of ultra hard, tough saltwater nylon.

The best Tarpon leader on the market; made of an ultra-hard, 20lb class saltwater nylon, tied to a tough section of shock tippet for the ultimate in protection. The leader features a twisted butt for shock absorption, an improved blood knot to the shock tippet and a perfection knot in the butt for the quickest in rigging.

  • Ultra-tough nylon with shock tippet
  • Hand –twisted butts for shock absorption
  • 6 Feet total length with 20 pound class tippet and 80 pound fluorocarbon shock tippet

Ideal For

  • Tarpon
  • Billfish
  • Giant Trevally