Umpqua Salmon/Steelhead Leaders 10ft



Umpqua's 10-foot Salmon/Steelhead Leaders are ideal for casting big steelhead dry flies or larger wet flies on floating lines. With a long butt section and utilizing a harder, stiffer nylon, for extra abrasion resistance they are also ideal for when that big fish wraps you around the rocks. One leader per package.
Recommended tippet is Umpqua Tough Nylon Tippet.

  • Long, powerful butt section for big fly turn over
  • Olive tinted

Ideal For

  • Salmon/Steelhead
  • Streamers
  • Big Nymphs
Umpquas Salmon / Steelhead Leader Sizing
Lb Test Diameter
16 lb. 0.015"
12 lb. 0.012"
10 lb. 0.011"
8 lb. 0.010"