Umpqua Spring Creek Leaders 13ft



Umpqua's 13-foot Spring Creek Leaders are designed for flat, clear waters common to spring creeks with spooky trout and demanding conditions for the fly angler. They feature a softer butt section and taper into a longer tippet section for soft, gentle presentations. They are ideal for smaller flies and flat water and are a great stillwater dry fly leader. Butt diameter on the 4X and 5X sizes is .021 and .019 on the 6X and 7X leaders. Olive tinted. Recommended tippet is Umpqua Tippet Material.

  • Soft butt section for delicate presentation
  • Olive-tinted for low visibility

Ideal For

  • Stillwaters
  • Spring Creeks
  • Small Dries
Umpquas 13ft Spring Creek Leader Sizing
Size Butt Diameter Tippet Diameter Lb Test
4X .021in 0.007in 6 lb.
5X .021in 0.006in 5 lb.
6X .019in 0.005in 3.5 lb.
7X .019in 0.004in 2.5 lb.