Umpqua Freshwater Shorty Leaders 5ft



The Umpqua Freshwater Shorty Leaders are 5-foot leaders that are perfect for fishing sink-tips for salmon or steelhead. Utilizing a harder, stiffer nylon material, they turn over big flies with ease and are highly abrasion resistant for fishing among the stones. Fish these with Umpqua's Tough Nylon Tippet for salmon, steelhead, bass, pike and other big fish where big flies and sinking lines are the name of the game.

  • Short powerful taper for turnover for large flies
  • low-visibility olive tint

Ideal For

  • Salmon/Steelhead
  • Streamers
  • Bass poppers
Umpqua's Freshwater Shorty Leader Sizing
Lb Test Diameter
16 lb. 0.015"
12 lb. 0.012"
10 lb. 0.011"
8 lb. 0.010"