Umpqua SuperFluoro Leaders 9ft



Umpqua's 9-foot SuperFluoro Leaders are great for almost all applications with clear, intermediate sinking lines or are perfect for fishing streamers on floating lines. They sink much faster than regular nylon leaders, are extremely abrasion resistant, and are nearly invisible underwater. Umpqua's SuperFluoro Leaders are 100% fluorocarbon and are more supple than many fluorocarbons. Recommended with Umpqua's SuperFluoro Tippet Material.

  • Almost invisible underwater
  • Unaffected by UV light rays

Ideal For

  • Light Saltwater
  • Streamers
  • Stillwaters
Umpquas Superfluoro Leader Sizing
Size Lb Test Butt Diameter Tippet Diameter
2X 11 lb 0.024" 0.009"
3X 8.5 lb 0.021" 0.008"
4X 7 lb 0.021" 0.007"
5X 5 lb 0.021" 0.006"