Cortland Master Braid



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Cortland Master Braid is constructed of gel spun polyethylene fibers that produce an excellent braided line for use as fly line backing.  It is supple, has virtually no stretch, is long-lasting and doesn't fade or bleed.  

Gel spun backing like Cortland Master Braid is very thin and strong.  It is ideal as backing when you need more backing but don't have much room on the reel.  Gel spun backing is also the ideal choice when fishing super heavy leaders for fish like Giant Trevally and you need the strongest backing available.

Sold in 300 yard spools.

  • Fiber Tech:  Protection that improves performance.  Perfect body without excess stiffness and lasts longer.
  • Colorfast:  Provides long lasting color.  Doesn't fade or bleed.
  • Opti-con:  Optimum construction that combines strength, handling and value.
  • High PE:  High molecular weight gel spun polyethylene fibers that are stronger than steel.  Virtually no stretch.
Size      Diameter    Mono Equiv Dia
30lb .012 in. 8lb
50lb .014 in. 12lb
80lb .020 in. 18lb