Airflo Depthfinder Big Game Line



When you're targeting big fish down deep, the Airflo Depthfinder Big Game Line is the line that's going to get you there.  Airflo's Depthfinder Big Game is a shooting head style line with a powerful head design for long casts.  The head is very fast sinking and connected to a thin, intermediate sinking running line to let the head sink deep fast.  In addition, the Depthfinder Big Game lines feature an extra strong, very low stretch core -- 40lbs for the 300 grain size, and 50lbs for the 400, 500 and 700 grain sizes.  The extra strong core provides the angler with extra pulling power while its low stretch properties ensure the most aggressive hook sets possible.

The Airflo Depthfinder lines are ideal for tuna, wahoo, tarpon, bottomfish, roosterfish, and even big chinook salmon.  The running line is designed for tropical temperatures but is so thin, it is just fine in even extreme cold.

Here is what Airflo has to say about their Depthfinder Big Game line:

Our big game version of the Depthfinder is built on a 50lb test Power core for maximum strength

The high density tungsten coated head gets your flies deep, while the low stretch allows you to set oversize hooks with ease, even at extreme range. Its extra long 150’ length allows you to exert full pressure earlier in the fight – helping tip balance in your favor for a change.

  • Taper: Aggressive front taper
  • Core: 50lb Power Core (40lb on 300gr)
  • Range: 300gr, 400gr, 500gr, 700gr
  • 300 grain -- Fl. Orange, intermediate running line -- 40lb core
  • 400 grain -- Olive, intermediate running line -- 50lb core
  • 500 grain -- Dark Green, intermediate running line -- 50lb core
  • 700 greain -- Dark Blue, intermediate running line -- 50lb core
Airflo Depthfinder Fly Line Diagram
Line Size
300gr (9/10wt)
400gr (10/11wt)
500gr (11/12wt)
700gr (14wt+)
Length Head Tip Front
Belly Rear
Rate (IPS)
150ft 30 1 5 23 1 120 7.5
150ft 30 1 5 23 1 120 8.5
150ft 30 1 5 23 1 120 9.5
150ft 30 1 5 23 1 120 11