Waterworks-Lamson Remix HD Reels


$249.99 - $269.99

The Waterworks-Lamson Remix HD Reels are the "Heavy Duty" version of their popular Remix reels.  The HD version features the same machined aluminum frame of the regular Remix, but it is a full cage frame which provides a more solid, stable reel for big fish and heavy drag pressure.  The full cage design is also helpful for Spey anglers who prefer to use thin monofilament running lines as the full cage helps keep the thin monofilament from jumping between the spool and frame.

The Waterworks-Lamson Remix HD reels are a solid, dependable reel for heavy freshwater, saltwater, and Spey anglers.

Add some color to your Remix HD reel with these custom Color Sleeves.

Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Color SleevesWaterworks-Lamson Liquid Color Sleeves GreenWaterworks-Lamson Liquid Color Sleeves BlueWaterworks-Lamson Liquid Color Sleeves Orange

Here is what Waterworks-Lamson has to say about their Lamson Remix HD reels:

Change agent. A heavy-duty version of the Remix, this HD reel has a full-cage design to capture line without failure. This makes a great option for an entry-level switch, Spey, boat or all-around, ready-for-anything reel. A sexy fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined case, Remix is the ultimate hybrid. Machined in Idaho from bar-stock aluminum, the case delivers maximum structural rigidity and durability all wrapped in a harder, brighter finish. The spool (compatible with Liquid), is pressure-cast with radiused compound curves, near zero-radius inside corners, and a precise fit and finish. It has a U-shape arbor and narrow format to aid in line control. Remix crossbreeds the best of CNC-machining and pressure-cast technologies to deliver an unprecedented level of quality for about $200. In addition to the US-made case, all critical drag components are expertly CNC-machined in the US.

*Remix HD spools are interchangeable with standard Remix/Liquid spools.

  • Large Arbor, Full Frame
  • Machined 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Case| Pressure Cast Aluminum Spool
  • Type II Anodize Case| Polyurethane Spool
  • Sealed Conical Drag
  • 80% US Manufactured, 100% Idaho Built
  • -7+

    Spool Width
    6.40 oz.
    Line Size
    6-7-8 wt
    Capacity (yds)
  • -9+

    Spool Width
    8.29 oz.
    Line Size
    8-9-10 wt
    Capacity (yds)

*Reel capacities for the Remix HD family of reels are based on floating lines and 20 lb. backing except the Remix HD -9+, which is based on 30 lb. backing. For 30 lb. backing deduct approximately 20% from the stated capacity except on the Remix HD -9+.