Sage X Premium Spey Outfit



We've put together an excellent premium Spey outfit from Sage, featuring their top of the line Sage X Spey rod and the Sage Spey reel. The Sage X Spey rod is one of our best sellers and is popular for very good reason! This rod is a cannon and is beautiful to cast. We are offering the three most popular rod models in the line-up, being the 12' 6wt, the 13' 7wt, and the 13' 8wt, but we can certainly accommodate you if you would like any of the Sage X spey or switch rods. Just give us a call and we can put together an outfit custom for you, with the correct size reel and line for the rod.

The Sage Spey reel is a beautiful throwback to the old Sage 500 series of reels. The rod pairs up wonderfully with RIO's Elite Skagit Max Launch shooting head, and RIO's Elite Metered Shooting line. We'll spool the reel up with the appropriate amount of Scientific Anglers 30 pound backing. The outfit will also come with a RIO Tip Wallet full of RIO MOW tips and a RIO Salmon/Steelhead 6 foot tapered leader.

Pacific Fly Fishers is located near the famous Skagit, Skykomish and Stillaguamish rivers. We know Spey rods, lines and reels better than most fly shops because we use them all year long. We guarantee that your new Spey outfit is professionally selected and professionally rigged when it reaches your door. Put a fly on your leader and you'll be ready to fish with these completely packaged outfits. No more guessing and buying the wrong line sizes. We've taken all the guess work out of the equation.

If you would like to customize your package with a different line, different reel, etc, please let us know. We are happy to make substitutions and will adjust the price accordingly. Just contact us by email or phone and we will arrange the substituted product(s) and apply the price increase/refund as needed.

Items included in this package

  • Sage X Spey Rod

    The new Sage X Spey rods have replaced the Sage One as Sage's premium, fast-action Spey rod.  The X rods feature a new version of the Konnetic Technology that made the One, Method, and Mod Spey rods so popular.  This new version, called KonneticXD Technology and, as described by Sage, gives the Sage X greater blank recovery and a crisper tip stop for tighter, more efficient loops during the cast.  Sage also describes the new technology benefit as allowing the caster to dig deeper into the rod and access the lower sections, shifting power closer to the angler. Each Sage X rod comes in a handsome, dark green, aluminum rod tube with a cloth rod sock.  The blank color of the Sage X is black at first glance, but with dark green highlights in the sunshine.  Thread wraps are very dark green with metallic gray trim wraps.  The cork grips on these rods are flor grade and look amazing. Offered in the 12' 6wt (6120-4), the 13' 7wt (7130-4) and the 13' 8wt (8130-4), but we can accommodate for any of the Sage X Spey or Switch rods in the line-up. If you would prefer a different weight and length then the three we are offering, just give us a call and we'll be happy to get you the rod you want! Contact us.  More info.

  • Sage Spey Reel

    The Sage Spey reels are absolutely awesome! They have an old school look to them and are packed with great modern features. Let nostalgia take over with the Sage Spey reel, a modern throwback to the vaunted Sage 500 Series reels. The reel is fully machined from anodized aluminum and has minimal porting to increase weight and durability, to balance better on long spey rods, and add ballast to the casting stroke. The reel features a full cage frame design for added durability as well as keeping thin running line where it should be. It has a very powerful fully sealed easily adjustable drag, and a large reel handle that is easy too find even with cold hands and gloves on. It also comes with a Sage neoprene reel cover for protection. Available in Stealth (black/silver) or Bronze. More info.

  • RIO Elite Skagit Max Launch Shooting Head
  • RIO Elite Skagit Max Launch Shooting Head

    We paired our Sage X Spey outfits with RIO Elite Skagit Max Launch shooting heads. Skagit Max Launch heads are very popular, and for good reason. Skagit Max Launch heads are very nice casting lines which are capable of very tight, good looking loops, and make casting large heavy flies and sink tips very easy and fun. The back few feet of the head is dark blue, transitioning into a aqua blue front section of the shooting head. The dark blue in the back of the head makes it easy to see the junction from the shooting head to the running line in any light conditions, something that is overlooked in some other lines out there. The dark blue section also makes tracking the line through the swing really easy.   More info.

  • RIO Elite Metered Shooting Line
  • RIO Elite Metered Shooting Line

    RIO’s Elite Metered Shooting Line is an excellent shooting line that is easy to handle, has virtually zero stretch, and flies through the guides with ease. RIO's "RangeFinder" system features a color change every 10ft to easily gauge how far each cast is, and also helps in managing the running line when shooting a lot of line. Built with RIO's ConnectCore plus core to provide positive hooksets and better control when fighting a fish. The unique core also ensures the most perfect coils of line when stripping in – resulting in far few tangles and snarls. Bulletproof loops at both ends and a slight taper at the front of the Elite Metered Shooting provides a seamless transition from the shooting line to the shooting head. More info.

  • RIO MOW Tip Kit
  • RIO MOW Tip Kit With Wallet

    RIO MOW Tip Kits include, a ten foot floating tip, 7.5' floating/2.5' sinking, 5' floating/5' sinking, 2.5' floating/7.5' sinking, 10' full sinking, and 12.5' full sinking tips, all stored neatly in RIO's leader wallet. MOW tips cast great with RIO Skagit Max launch Shooting heads and on the Sage X Spey rods. They have a very low stretch core to give the angler the ability to feel even the lightest of grabs from fish. There's a tip in the wallet for every situation. From skating dries in greasy tailouts, to hovering a fly behind boulders, to dredging deep buckets.  More info.

  • Scientific Anglers Backing

    Scientific Anglers' backing is very thin, highly durable and the colors are colorfast. We've been using it for years on everything from trout to billfish and haven't run into a single inconsistency. Your outfit will come with the perfect amount backing already loaded onto the reel and attached to your line. We only use the best knots to rig your setup. We use the Bimmini Twist loop knot then seal it with glue to connect your backing to your running line.  More info.

  • RIO Steelhead & Salmon Leader - 6-foot

    RIO's Steelhead and Salmon Leaders are perfectly designed for anadromous species such as steelhead and salmon. Its clear, non-glare finish disappears in all water conditions. Its knotless taper has a thicker butt section and uses a slightly stiffer copolymer for abrasion-resistance and for turning over larger flies. The leader already comes with a perfection knot on the butt of the leader and will come in the package already attached to a sink-tip on your reel. Just add fly and go fishing! More info.

Choose from the following models

Sage X 6120 Spey Rod with Sage Spey Reel 6/7/8

The Sage X 6120-4, 12' 6wt is a great little summer steelhead rod capable of big things! The 12' length makes this stick absolutely killer for small coastal rivers or when you're looking to get a little more sporty on those feisty little summer runs. This is also an awesome rod to take up north to Alaska or B.C. for large rainbows or Bull Trout and Dollies. This rod can also handle a bit of light salmon work. 

  • Rod: Sage X 6120 -- 12'0" 6wt 4-piece
  • Reel: Sage Spey 6/7/8 Available in Stealth (black/silver) or Bronze.
  • Head: RIO Elite Skagit Max Launch-- 450 grain
  • Running Line: RIO Elite Metered .032"
  • Sink-Tips: RIO MOW Tip Kit
  • Backing: Scientific Anglers 30 lb. Yellow Backing
  • Leader: RIO Sal/Steel 6ft 10 lb. Leader
  • Rigging: Your outfit will arrive ready to fish!
  • Regular Price: $2142.99
  • Special Package Price: $1929.99

Sage X 7130 Spey Rod With Sage Spey Reel 7/8/9

The Sage X 7130-4, (13' 7wt) is a rod that can get it done anywhere anytime! 13' is a wonderful length for targeting steelhead on just about any river in the Northwest and beyond. It's long enough to reach out and present a fly in those far seams, yet is just short enough that it would be right at home on smaller rivers as well. Whether it's small unweighted flies in the summer, or the big nasty's in the winter, this rod does it all, and has plenty of power to handle very large fish, yet is still plenty of fun on smaller steelhead as well, like the famous half pounder's of the Rogue or your typical summer run steelhead. 

  • Rod: Sage X 7130 -- 13'0" 7wt 4-piece
  • Reel: Sage Spey 7/8/9 Available in Stealth (black/silver) or Bronze.
  • Head: RIO Elite Skagit Max Launch -- 525 grain
  • Running Line: RIO Elite Metered .037"
  • Sink-Tips: RIO MOW Tip Kit
  • Backing: Scientific Anglers 30 lb. Yellow Backing
  • Leader: RIO Sal/Steel 6ft 12 lb. Leader
  • Rigging: Your outfit will arrive ready to fish!
  • Regular Price: $2167.96
  • Special Package Price: $1949.99

Sage X 8130 Spey Rod With Sage Spey Reel 7/8/9

The Sage X 8130-4, (13' 8wt) is the winter steelhead rod! Again the 13' length is absolutely fantastic and can cover many if not all situations you'll encounter on any river. Often times in the winter we are casting heavy sink tips, and large heavily weighted flies, and this 8wt just makes it easy to cast the big nasty's all day with minimal fatigue, keeping you out on the river day after day. The 8wt is also ideal for larger fish like you'll find on Washington's Olympic Peninsula and up in Northern British Columbia. 

  • Rod: Sage X 8130 -- 13'0" 8wt 4-piece
  • Reel: Sage Spey 7/8/9 Available in Stealth (black/silver) or Bronze.
  • Head: RIO Elite Skagit Max Launch-- 600 grain
  • Running Line: RIO Elite Metered .037"
  • Sink-Tips: RIO MOW Tip Kit
  • Backing: Scientific Anglers 30 lb. Yellow Backing
  • Leader: RIO Sal/Steel 6ft 12 lb. Leader
  • Rigging: Your outfit will arrive ready to fish!
  • Regular Price: $2167.96
  • Special Package Price: $1949.99