Accessories for sunglasses including retainers or leashes, protective cases, len cleaning kits, and car visor clips.

Sunglass Accessories

Sunglasses accessories to keep your valuable sunglasses safe, clean and handy. Products include sunglass cleaning products, Chum cloth retainers and neoprene retainers from Smith, and sunglass cases.

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Accessories for sunglasses from Smith Optics include a lens cleaning kit and sunglass retainers to keep from dropping those valuable sunglasses in the water. As fly fishing enthusiasts, our sunglasses not only protect our eyes from both UV sun rays and flying fish hooks, but also provide valuable polarization for spotting fish or fish holding structure. Taking a big tropical trip to fly fish on saltwater flats? Consider adding both these products to the packing list to keep you spotting as many fish as possible.