Stonfo Transformer Vise


$489.95 $589.00

The Transformer Vise from Stonfo has changed the game and is creating a lot of attention in the fly tying world. This unique, "interchangeable jaw" vise has it all and will be very interesting to the advanced tier that likes to tie a wide variety of fly styles.

Interchangeable vise jaws allows tiers to very quickly and very easily change between three different jaw styles -- Standard jaws, straight Streamer (or clouser style) jaws, and Tube Fly jaws -- all of which are included with the vise.  Thanks to a fast coupling device on the vise shaft, the jaws can be changed with just a click!

Other features of the Stonfo Transformer Vise include a very steady pedestal base with slots to hold tying tools, a stainless steel shaft and ball bearing, full rotary operation, adjustable height, and reversibility for left or right hand tying.  Finally, a bobbin cradle arm is included for full rotary tying and the arm converts to a spring-loaded parachute plier tool for tying parachute posts/hackles on parachute style dry flies.

Made in Italy to the highest standards, the Stonfo Transformer Vise could be the last vice you will ever own.

Included in box:

  • Bobbin cradle
  • Parachute pliers attachment
  • Adjustable spring clip
  • Pivoting thread cradle
  • Five different tube fly mandrels
  • Allen keys
  • Instruction manual
  • Standard, Streamer and Tube Fly jaws -- all included and very easy to instantly change
  • Unique pedestal base with tool rack
  • Adjustable rotary tension, can be locked at every 45 degrees
  • Adjustable height
  • Left hand compatible