Wheel Vise



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The Wheel Vise is an inexpensive yet solid beginning vise that is simple to operate and holds hooks well.  The c-clamp of the Wheel Vise clamps onto tables up to 1.5-inches thick.  The large wheel opens and closes the jaws of the vise by simply rotating the wheel.  Simply open the jaws, insert the hook of choice, and turn the wheel to securely hold the hook in place.  Although the Wheel Vise doesn't have the ability to rotate the fly when tying, it holds hooks of a variety of sizes very securely and is very affordable.

TIP:  If you are having trouble with your Wheel Vise, remove the wheel knob by twisting it off the vise and applying grease to the inside of the knob.  This usually makes the operation of the vise much smoother.