Joe Ewing

Shop Sales & Guide


Joe Ewing has worked at Pacific Fly Fishers for over a decade and is also the owner of Northwest Steelheading guide service. You can find Joe in the store managing fly inventories, working on the website, shipping web orders, and helping customers. He is a wealth of information, especially on the topic of Northwest’s anadromous species, and a great resource for the store and our customers.

Growing up on the Skykomish River, Joe began fly fishing at a very early age under the guidance of another dedicated fly angler -- his father, Bill. Nearly twenty years later, the passion is still growing and Joe continues to ply the waters of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, primarily in the pursuit of steelhead.

Whether in the store or on the river with his clients, Joe is determined to teach people the art of swinging flies for steelhead, an art that has been fading over the last decade or so. He has a wealth of knowledge about these fish and also a bank of stories that I’m sure he will tell you over and over again if you ask. (And sometimes even if you don’t!).

If you don’t find Joe in the shop working, you will most likely find him somewhere on a local river doing what he can to entice a local chromer to the fly, with or without a client.

Joe Ewing is a Pro Staff Member for Winston Fly Rods.

Things you'll hear Joe say:

  • "Hmm, that was interesting".
  • "Oooh, that felt like a fish”
  • "Make it jump!"
  • "Hey Michael, it doesn’t look like I can work today. I’m on the Hoh River."