Stillwater Trout Lake Favorite Products

Recommended Products for Stillwater Trout Fly Fishing in Lakes
Outcast Power Kick Fins


Outcast Power Kick Fins are soft, comfortable, very high quality fins that are a definite upgrade over typical float tube fins on the market.  They have V-shaped fins which catch more water on the upstroke and also help turn the tube/boat when you kick to the side to turn.  The softer material makes the fins comfortable and less tiresome to where all day in addition to simply working better than stiff, flat fins designed for swimming or snorkeling.  Recommended with Adams Built Neoprene Booties.

RIO Indicator Leaders for Chironomids and Balanced Leech Fly Fishing

RIO Indicator Leaders

RIO Indicator Leaders have a powerful butt section which quickly tapers down to a long, fine tippet.  The powerful butt section does a great job of turning over indicators and the long, fine tippet section allows chironomids and balanced leeches to sink more quickly and give the angler a more straight connection to the fly below for quicker strike detection.

Tippet Rings - Fly Fishing

Tippet Rings

Tippet Rings (the little, round rings loaded onto the snap swivel) are a handy product for connecting the tippet to the leader.  The tiny tippet ring makes rigging faster and keeps the peg on a Quick Release Chironomid Strike Indicator from slipping off the leader and getting lost if you break a fish off.

Quick Release Chironomid Strike Indicators

Quick Release Chironomid Strike Indicators

These "releasing" strike indicators are just the ticket when fishing chironomids more than ten feet deep.  These indicators pop free and slide down the indicator when you set the hook.  This is very important when the fly may be 18-20 feet from the indicator!

Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Tippet

Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Tippet

Fluorocarbon is nearly invisible in water and sinks much better than regular nylon tippet material.  Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Tippet comes on a 50-yard spool instead of the usual 30-yard spool so you get more for your buck.  It also offers a great breaking strength to diameter so it is an all-around great choice for chironomids, balanced leeches and nymphing in rivers.

Chironomids - Fly Fishing Flies


Lots of choices here and too many to narrow down to one or two patterns.  Get a variety of colors and sizes, some bright, some subtle, and change often until you find what the fish are taking.  As you will see from the many patterns we offer, key colors are black, olive, red and silver.

Balanced Leeches - Fly Fishing Flies

Balanced Leeches

Lots of choices here too.  Most balanced leeches are from size 10 to 14 and are most often in black or olive.  Fish these under the Quick Release Chironomid Strike Indicators and suspend them close to the bottom.  A little wind helps keep the indicator bobbing on the surface, which gives the fly below a subtle swimming motion.  Not the most active method of fly fishing, but super effective, especially when fish are lethargic.

Outcast PAC 900 Pontoon Boat

Outcast PAC-900 Pontoon Boat

Our best-selling framed pontoon boat, the PAC-900 is small enough for maneuvering around lakes with fins but large enough for some pretty tough rapids in rivers.  The Outcast PAC-900 is a very well built, quality pontoon boat that provides anglers with the ultimate in versatility.  

Outcast Fat Cat and Super Fat Cat Float Tubes

Outcast Fat Cat Float Tube

Sometimes a pontoon boat is just too much to haul into your favorite lake.  The Fat Cat is a premium quality float tube and weighs just 14 pounds. Backpack straps can be attached to the underside to throw it on your back like a big backpack.  The Super Fat Cat is the same boat but with inflatable bladders for the seat and backrest for an even more packable and lighter boat.

Intex Electric Pump for Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats

Intex Quick-Fill Electric Pump

This is a no-brainer.  This simple electric pump makes inflating a pontoon boat or float tube a breeze.  Plug it into the cigarette lighter of your car and it inflates a pontoon boat in a few seconds.  Use your standard pump to get the necessary air pressure you need, but this does 90% of the work in a few seconds.

Hale Bopp Leech - Olive

Hale Bopp Leech - Olive

Certainly a shop favorite, the Hale Bopp Leech simply gets it done.  This olive color is our favorite, especially on clear lakes with weedy bottoms, but it also comes in black, brown, wine, and bead head versions.  Fish it on a full-sinking line and, most importantly, fish it close to the bottom.

Scientific Anglers SONAR Seamless Density Full Sink Fly Lines

Scientific Anglers SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density Full Sink Fly Lines

SA's SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density fly lines are full-sinking fly lines that are perfect for fishing lakes with leeches and other bottom-dwelling critters.  If you aren't sure of which sink rate to choose, we find the Sink 3 / Sink 5 to be the most versatile for our region where fishing 12 to 20 feet deep is common.

Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leaders

Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leaders

Fluorocarbon leaders are more expensive but they sink better, are quite durable, and are nearly invisible under water. The sinking qualities especially makes them our choice for fishing on sinking lines.  Use the 7.5-foot versions and 3X or 4X for fishing leeches on a sinking line.

Brodin S2 Cutthroat Float Tube Net

Brodin S2 Cutthroat Float Tube Net

This Brodin S2 Cutthroat Float Tube Net is the perfect length and size for fishing from a float tube, pontoon boat or pram.  The longer handle also make it a great choice for fitting into the "net sleeve" on many of today's sling packs.  A bonus is the beautiful woodworking Brodin nets are know for.  It even includes abalone shell market dots on the handle to measure your trophy.

Adamsbuilt Knott Creek Neoprene Booties

Adamsbuilt Knott Creek Neoprene Booties

These neoprene booties are designed with the extra width to fit properly when going over the neoprene booties of your waders.  The protect your waders at the lake shore and fit perfectly with the Outcast Fins we offer.  A side zipper makes them easy to get on and off.  Perfect for the lake angler fishing from a float tube or pontoon boat.

Master Damsel Nymph

Master Damsel Nymph

Such an effective damsel nymph, the Master Damsel Nymph captures a realistic appearance of the naturals and has been super successful for us and our customers for many years.  Available in size 12 through 16, and don't underestimate that little size 16 if you see small damsel nymph shucks on the cattails.  The Master Damsel Nymph can also be shortened on the water by plucking the marabou tail down to match the length of the naturals.

Deer Hair Damsel

Deer Hair Damsel - Blue

Speaking of damselflies, this Deer Hair Damsel is super effective for imitating the flying adults on the surface.  It sounds a bit like a tiny plastic bag going by your head when casting it, but put some floatant on this guy and wait for the explosion.  A little twitch can do the job as well.  Also a good fly for bass and panfish when they are in the shallows looking for an easy damsel meal.  Also available in Olive.