Airflo FLO Tips



Airflo's FLO Tips are designed for smooth casting without compromising a fast sink rate.  Each Airflo FLO Tip features 2.5-feet of intermediate sinking material at the butt.  This section of intermediate material helps smooth out the transition of energy from the head to the tip during the cast.  It also aids in lifting the tip off the bottom when stripping line in for your next cast. 

Airflo FLO Tips have loops on both ends.  The loop on the butt end features a colored band to help identify your T-7 tips from your T-10 tips and so on.

For adding Airflo's FLO Tips to Skagit heads, as a basic rule, use T-7 for 350 to 400 grain heads, the T-10 for 425 to 575 grain heads, and T-14 for 600 grain and heavier heads.

  • 2.5-Foot intermediate butt for smoother casting and fewer snags on the strip
  • Easy ID color codes on loops
  • Front and back loops ready to attach to your Skagit head and attach your leader
Line Size
Length Sink Rate Color ID Weight
10ft or 12ft 7" / sec. White 7gr / ft
10ft or 12ft 8" / sec. Orange 10gr / ft
10ft or 12ft 9" / sec. Brown 14gr / ft