Airflo Scandi Long



The Airflo Scandi Long is one of the best things to happen to Spey lines since Skagit heads hit the market. The Airflo Scandi Long is the perfect step between the shorter skagit heads and the more traditional mid-spey setups. What makes the Scandi Long so special is that it is as easy to cast as its predecessor the Scandi Compact but with all of the benefits of the longer lines out on the market.

The newer longer version of this line will lend even the modest of caster greater distance and better control on the water. The need for an easy casting full floater that can handle the wind, Polyleaders, and some of today's larger flies has been filled with Airflo Scandi Long.

Airflo 10 ft Polyleaders with 2 to 3 feet of tippet are perfect on the Scandi Long. The Hover Sink rate is our favorite for swinging traditional wet flies. If you don't go with the Polyleaders, remember to always use a leader length of about the same length of your rod or slightly longer when using floating lines.

  • Low-stretch Power Core for direct contact and solid hook sets
  • Industry leading Flexi-loops at both ends
  • Fantastic casting characteristics, especially in the wind
  • Six sizes from 450 to 600 grains
Head wt
Rod wt* Head Front Taper Belly Rear Taper Loop Color
6/7 36' 21' 13' 2' Tan
7/8 38' 22' 14' 2' Yellow
7/8 40.5' 24' 14.5' 2' Pink
8/9 41' 24' 15' 2' Orange
8/9 42.5' 25' 15' 2' Light Green
8/9 44' 26' 15.5' 2' Dark Green

*Rod Weight designations provided by Airflo and should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s rods, as well as each angler's casting style.