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Airflo Skagit Compact G2

  • Size

Airflo Skagit Compact G2

  • 10 line weights in 30 grain increments
  • Toughest loops in the industry at both ends
  • Color and number coded for easy identification

When the first generation of the Skagit Compact lines from Airflo were Introduced in 2008, they were instantly a hit. They are tremendously easy to cast and will allow you to cast in tight quarters like when your back is up against the trees. They bomb across the river with ease and will cast flies the size of a chicken.

In 2016, Airflo with the help of Tom Larimer, released the second generation of the Skagit Compact, the Skagit Compact G2. The new Skagit Compact G2 boasts a slightly shorter overall length, increased rear taper, a manipulation of material densities, and the high-float Super-DRI tecnology. All of those changes have combined to make the G2 a high floating, easier casting line with eye-popping tight and precise loops. But who wants easy casting with tight loops when you can't look good doing it? With a new two toned line color scheme of Mint Green and Blue you can have all the benefits of the new line and you can look good to. Yes, Airflo does think of everything.


    6/7 450 23'
    7/8 480 23'
    7/8 510 24'
    8/9 540 24'
    8/9 570 25'
    8/9 600 25'
    9/10 630 25'
    9/10 660 25'
    10/11 720 26'
    10/11 750 26'