Airflo Skagit Switch G2



The need had become blatantly obvious--a shorter head to match the now extremely popular Switch rods. But the "right" line to match these versatile tools had been unavailable, until now. The Airflo Skagit Switch line hits the mark dead on. Shorter in length than the Skagit Compact, this new addition to the Skagit group of lines vary from 19.5' to 20' with five sizes ranging from 480 to 600 grains. Designed to load fast action switch rods in tight casting situations, move 10' to 12' of sink tip, and reach out to hit the "zone". Looped at both ends for ease of use, the front loop has the line size clearly marked for easy identification. The bright Blue and Green colors keeps the line visible and controllable at any distance. Couple this with either the 20lb or 30lb Ridged Running line and you have the pinnacle of switch casting setups.

Airflo 10 ft Custom Tips with 5 to 6 feet of Leader are perfect on the Skagit Switch. The 10' T-10 sinking is our favorite for swinging low and slow.

  • Designed specifically for fishing sink tips on Switch rods
  • Low-stretch Power Core for direct contact and solid hook sets
  • Industry leading Flexi-loops at both ends
  • Fantastic casting characteristics, especially in tight quarters
  • Five sizes from 480 to 600 grains
Head wt
Rod wt* Head Front Taper Belly Rear Taper Loop Color
7/8 19.5' 7' 10.5' 1.5' Peach
7/8 19.5' 7' 10.5' 1.5' Yellow
7/8 19.5' 7' 10.5' 1.5' Pink
8/9 19.5' 7' 10.5' 1.5' Orange
8/9 20' 7' 11' 1.5' Light Green
8/9 20' 7' 11' 1.5' Dark Green

*Rod Weight designations provided by Airflo and should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s rods, as well as each angler's casting style.