Airflo Streamer Max Long



Airflo's Streamer Max Long fly lines are made for fishing big streamers down deep.  The Airflo Streamer Max Long line features a 40-foot, very fast sinking head which is connected to an intermediate sinking running line.  The Streamer Max line has virtually no front taper so it is designed to turn over the big boy streamers that you love to throw when looking for a lunker.  When that giant hits, the Streamer Max's very low-stretch core ensures you have the power to drive those big hooks home.

The Airflo Stramer Max Long fly lines are ideal for fishing streamers from a boat when pounding casts to the bank and stripping them back fast.  The Streamer Max is designed to get you to depth fast and keep those big streamers down while executing a fast strip. Streamer Max Long lines are also a great line for fishing in lakes for bass, pike or muskie or even fishing saltwater where getting as deep as possible is the name of the game.

Here is what Airflo has to say about their Streamer Max Long line:

Sinking lines get your fly to the target and keep them in the zone while aggressively stripping line. This lines smooth transition from full sink to intermediate running line keeps you in direct contact when working the fly.

  • Taper: Powerful big fly taper
  • Core: Power Core - supple feel with only 6% stretch.  Ideal for cool to moderate temperatures
  • Range: 200gr, 250gr, 300gr
  • 6wt - 200 grain -- Pale Mint colored, intermediate running line
  • 7wt - 250 grain -- Pale Peach colored, intermediate running line
  • 8wt - 300 grain -- Lichen (pale olive) colored, intermediate running line
Airflo Streamer Max Long Fly Line Diagram
Line Size
200gr (6/7wt)
250gr (7/8wt)
300gr (8/9wt)
Length Head Tip Front
Belly Rear
Rate (IPS)
100ft 40 0 0 30 10 60 7.5
100ft 40 0 0 30 10 60 8.0
100ft 40 0 0 30 10 60 8.5