Airflo Super-DRI Giant Trevally Line



Airflo's Super-DRI GT Line is a tropical floating fly line designed specifically for the demands of Giant Trevally.  The Airflo Super-DRI GT Line's most important feature is its 50-pound core.  Designed to hold a big GT heading towards the edge of the reef, the 50-pound core on the GT line at least gives you hope of stopping it. Add a ridged, tropical coating and an extra aggressive front taper, and the GT line is ready to cast huge flies in hot, humid temperatures.

Total Length of 110 feet with loops on the front and back. Available in 12-weight size only.

Here is what Airflo has to say about their Super-DRI Giant Trevally Line:

When we were first asked to develop this line, we asked ourselves why anyone would need a 50lb test core in a fly line, our testers in the Seychelles said they just did. The ‘hit and hold’ style of GT fishing on a reef edge is fast and furious, putting a fly line under extreme pressure as you try to stop these ‘bad boys’ of the salt trying to disappear with your fly line.

Ridge GT came through the test without any issues – proving the strength of our welded loops beyond any doubt.

  • Taper: Aggressive Front Taper
  • Core: 50lb Power Core
  • Range: WF12
  • Coating: Super-DRI Ridged Tropical
Airflo Super_DRI GT Floating Fly Line Diagram
Line Size
Length Head Tip Front
Belly Rear
Full Head
110ft 38.5' .5' 9' 21' 8' 71.5' 500gr