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Airflo Switch Float

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Airflo Switch Float

After years of splicing, welding, and testing "Franken-Lines", Tom Larimer and the Airflo Design Team have produced the best weight-forward, integrated switch line available today. The Super-DRI Switch is an ideal match for light switch and small spey rods, designed for anglers tossing surface patterns or swinging soft hackles and small streamers.

Based loosely on the popular Rage shooting head, the Super-DRI Switch Float has a compact weight-forward head designed specifically to compliment today's lighter two-handers, making loading the rod incredibly easy.

The innovative front taper is capable of turning over a variety of leader and fly combinations, and is also able to accommodate light sink tips. Perhaps the most important feature is the seamless joint between head and running line, making it easy to strip flies all the way to your feet. For easy rigging, each line is packaged with an Airflo 10' Floating PolyLeader.

Available in line weights 3-6, and grain weights ranging from 210-390.

A 10' Floating PolyLeader included with each Airflo Switch Float line.

  • Product Use: Specifically designed for modern switch rod techniques
  • Color:  Sky Blue / Orange
  • Core Material:  Power Core
  • Coating:  Super-DRI Supple (with stiffer running line)

Airflo Switch Float Size Chart

Size Grains Head Length Line Length
WF-3 210 26' 85'
WF-3.5 240 26' 85'
WF-4 270 26' 85'
WF-4.5 300 26' 85'
WF-5 330 27' 85'
WF-5.5 360 27' 85'
WF-6 390 28' 85'