Airflo Switch Streamer



Airflo has made it easy to find the line you need for your new switch rod. An evolutionary step from Airflo's popular Skagit Switch design, the Super-DRI Streamer Switch features an aggressive front taper with a shorter, heavier head designed to make casting sink-tips a dream. Specifically designed to easily load modern switch and short spey rods, the Streamer Switch will help anglers of any level of skill or experience cast more efficiently and effectively.

The Airflo Switch Streamer line comes with the running line built-in so there is no need to purchase a separate running line. It all comes in one piece so the only loop-to-loop connections will be adding the sinking tip or PolyLeader to the front end.

A 10' Fast Sink PolyLeader included with each Airflo Switch Streamer line.

  • Product Use: Specifically designed for modern switch rod techniques
  • Color: Pale Mint / Orange
  • Core Material: Braided Power Core
  • Coating: Ultra Supple Polyurethane
Airflo Super-DRI Switch Streamer Floating Fly Line Diagram
Line Size
4 wt
4.5 wt
5 wt
5.5 wt
6 wt
Head wt Length Head Front
Belly Rear
300gr 85ft 18' 7' 8' 3' 64'
330gr 85ft 18.5' 7' 8.5' 3' 63'
360gr 85ft 18.5' 7' 8.5' 3' 63'
390gr 85ft 20' 7' 9' 3' 61'
420gr 85ft 20' 7' 9' 3' 61'