Cliff's Crab Shack

Cliff Outdoors


Heading to Belize or Cuba or the Keys and you're tying a bunch of crab flies for permit?  Well, now you can get the perfect fly box to hold and protect all that work you've done.  Cliff's Crab Shack is 6" x 4" x 1.75" in size and is perfect for storing a solid collection of permit crabs.  If you end your trip without a photo of a beautiful permit, at least you can take a photo of your beautiful permit fly box!

Cliff's tried and true blue foam is durable and hold flies solidly.  The foam has 12 slits on each side to hold two dozen or more crab patterns.  The 1.75-inch thickness of the Crab Shack box is perfect for the bulkier shape of typical crab patterns so they don't get mashed down when you close the lid.

This is also a very nice fly box for trout streamers and steelhead/salmon flies!