Daiichi 2421 Salmon/Steelhead Hook


$7.25 - $7.95

Daiichi 2421 Salmon/Steelhead fly tying hooks offer a traditional style salmon hook with a tapered return eye and black finish.  The Daiichi 2421 hooks are ideal for traditional steelhead flies such as Skunks, Silver Hiltons, Purple Perils, and so on.  Daiichi lists the 2421 as a low-water and dry fly hook, but the hook wire isn't necessary light (it uses standard sized wire), so we consider it to be an all-purpose steelhead/salmon hook perfectly capable of larger tippets and wet fly use.

Daiichi 2421 Multi-Use Salmon/Steelhead Hooks

  • 15 per package for size 8, 6 and 4.  12 per package for size 2.
  • Up Eye.
  • Tapered Loop.
  • Forged, Black.
  • Uses: Low-water patterns and Salmon & Steelhead Dry Flies.
  • Tiemco equivalent:  TMC 7999