Double Barrel Baitfish Popper - White

Flymen Fishing Company


The Double Barrel Baitfish Popper is ready for surface action in the bass lake or the in the saltwater.  With its Surface Seducer Double Barrel soft foam popper head, the Baitfish Popper produces exceptional "pop" and surface commotion.  The flexible coating on the foam head protects the paint and eyes for a very durable fly.  The stainless steel hook is perfect for saltwater trips and the faux bucktail tail is also extremely durable and will stand up to fish after fish.

The white coloration and baitfish shape of the Baitfish Popper is perfect for open water smallmouth or largemouth bass.  Then use it on your trip for bonito, false albacore, dorado, bluefish, redfish, and all kinds of other species in the salt.

Size 3/0 hook.  Total length of of the fly approximately 3 3/4 inches.