Echo 3 Rods



Echo 3 fly rods come in freshwater and saltwater versions.  Echo 3 fly rods are lightweight, high modulus rods with a crisp feel and medium-fast to fast action tapers.  Echo 3 rods feel and cast beyond their price.  Whether you choose one of the 13 freshwater rods or one of the 5 saltwater models, you'll appreciate the lightness and sensitivity in these rods on the water.

The freshwater series Echo 3 rods feature a rich, green blank and thread wraps.  Corrosion-resistant titanium guides and wood insert reel seats make for a handsome rod with a high-end feel.  Their medium-fast to fast action makes them a very versatile rod, capable for all kinds of techniques from dry flies to streamers in the applicable line weight.

Echo 3 saltwater rods are deep blue in color with full titanium guide sets and black anodized aluminum reel seats.  The 11- and 12-weight rods feature a removable foam fore grip which slides on or off.  Echo 3 saltwater rods are fast action rods, ready to boom laser beam casts into the wind and pull on the toughest saltwater species around.  They are a fantastic choice for your saltwater trip or even as a very nice backup rod.

Echo 3 fly rods are all 4-piece rods and come with a cloth covered rod tube and rod sock.  They have an original owner, lifetime warranty.

Model Handle Length Line Action Weight(oz)
E3-376 A 7'6" 3 Med Fast 2.4 oz.
E3-4710 A 7'10" 4 Med Fast 2.5 oz.
E3-486 B 8'6" 4 Med Fast 2.7
E3-490 B 9'0" 4 Med Fast 2.9 oz.
E3-590 B 9'0" 5 Med Fast+ 3.0 oz.
E3-5100 C 10'0" 5 Med Fast+ 3.7 oz.
E3-690 B 9'0" 6 Med Fast+ 3.1 oz.
E3-6100 D 10'0" 6 Med Fast+ 3.9 oz.
E3-7100 D 10'0" 7 Med Fast+ 4.0 oz.
E3-896 D 9'6" 8 Med Fast+ 4.0 oz.
E3-8100 D 10'0" 8 Med Fast+ 4.1 oz.
E3-690 Ti E 9'0" 6 Fast 4.4 oz.
E3-790 Ti E 9'0" 7 Fast 4.5 oz.
E3-890 Ti E 9'0" 8 Fast 4.8 oz.
E3-990 Ti E 9'0" 9 Fast 5.0 oz.
E3-1090 Ti F 9'0" 10 Fast 5.5 oz.
E3-1190 Ti G 9'0" 11 Fast 5.7 oz.
E3-1290 Ti G 9'0" 12 Fast 5.8 oz.