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Echo Dec Hogan II Spey Rods - Closeout Sale

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Echo Dec Hogan II Spey Rods

Regular Price: $389.99
Clearance Sale Price: $319.99

Dec Hogan II rods have been discontinued by Echo for 2017.  Clearance prices are limited to stock on hand.

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  • Four-piece travel design
  • Premium grade cork with composite accents at each end
  • Carbon fiber reel seat with anodized aluminum components
  • Night smoke gloss blank
  • Dark gray wraps with metallic trim
  • Black ceramic stripper guides
  • Dark gray cordura covered rod tube and cloth rod bag
  • ECHO lifetime warranty

Echo Dec Hogan II Spey Rods

Echo's Dec Hogan II rods are medium to medium-fast rods that are smooth and easy to cast. Their slower action loads the rod easily and will become a favorite of casters that like a deeper loading rod and are good at utilizing their bottom hand while casting. Whether throwing heavy sink-tips on Skagit lines or zipping a Scandi-style line in the summer and fall, the Dec Hogan II rods can get it done. We think the DH II rods are especially well suited to smaller to medium sized rivers in the summer with Scandinavian style heads or longer belly lines. The unique 6.5-weight version will certainly be a favorite in this category. Riding the wave of popularity from the original Dec Hogan rods, the DH II rods are sure to please. They seem a bit lighter and their action is a bit quicker than the originals. They also feature an updated appearance which really looks killer.

Your first thought might be Why? But rest assured, the soul of the original medium-fast action DH series was not lost. The advancements in casting techniques and modern fly lines just inspired us to update and redesign this popular lineup. Dubbed the DH II, they provide a slightly crisper action, enhanced tip recovery, wider grain window, and a scary-wicked color scheme. More distance with ease sums up our whole thought process with the DH II series. Bonus: Only since the evolution of modern spey lines has it been possible to build a true tweener rod, thus the 6.5 line designation. The gap between 6- and 7-weight two-handed rods has always left anglers searching for either a bigger six or smaller seven. Search no more, the 6.5 will definitely become the lower 48 meat-and-potatoes Summer Steelhead stick.

    • Model:
    • Length:
    • Line:
    • Grain Window*
    • Skagit Line*
    • Scandi Line*
    • 6126
    • 12' 6"
    • 6wt
    • 390-480
    • 450
    • 390
    • 6.5129
    • 12' 9"
    • 6.5wt
    • 450-540
    • 480
    • 450
    • 7130
    • 13' 0"
    • 7wt
    • 480-590
    • 510
    • 480
    • 8133
    • 13' 3"
    • 8wt
    • 540-660
    • 570
    • 540

*Grain window and line weight designations provided by ECHO/Airflo and should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s line specifications, as well as each angler's casting style.