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Fine Black Barred Marabou

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Fine Black Barred Marabou

Fine Black Barred Marabou is a new take on barred marabou. The dyed black bars on these marabou feathers is quite fine, creating very unique and exciting new uses for marabou.  The dying process makes the Fine Black Barred Marabou feather feel more wispy than traditional marabou.

NOTE:  Overall, the effect of the fine barred marking is very cool but might require some patience when working with it out of the bag.  In fact, many of the feathers are clumped together and quite a mess at first glance.  Experienced tiers will appreciate the characteristics and possibilities of this product but don't buy it unless you're ready to spend a little time preparing the feathers for use.

We highly suggest combing out the feather prior to use with a soft bristle brush. A toothbrush worked well for us and did not damage the feather.