Fisknat Nets


$122.95 - $159.95

NOTE: Unfortunately, Fisknat is no longer producing wooden nets.  We are limited to the inventory shown as available for order on this page.  

Fisknat nets are some of the finest nets around and are very popular in our store. Their lightweight rubber bags are half the weight of traditional rubber bag nets and weigh only a few ounces more than a similar nylon net. Rubber bag nets have many advantages, such as being very fish-friendly, reduced tangling of your flies in the net, and no catching in the fish's teeth. Add this to beautiful woods and craftsmanship, and long-lasting, protective finishes, and you have the finest nets available.

Methow Net

The Methow Net is a perfect all-purpose trout net. It is great for attaching to a pack or back of a vest and is great for the mobile trout stream/river angler. Its dimensions are as follows:

  • Bow: 7" x 16"
  • Handle: 7"
  • Overall Length: 23"

San Juan Net

The Fisknat San Juan Net is another great choice for the trout river angler wading or in a boat. With a little larger size, it is perfect for lakes or rivers where the average fish is on the larger size. This nets dimensions are as follows:

  • Bow: 9" x 18"
  • Handle: 9"
  • Overall Length: 27

Float Tube Net

The Fisknat Float Tube Net features a nice tear dropped bow and a longer handle which makes it an ideal net for the float tube or pontoon boat angler. It also serves well for fishing from a raft or drift boat as the longer handle is just long enough to serve well for these purposes also. The Float Tube Net is a great net for anglers fishing from a variety of types of boats. The nets dimensions are:

  • Bow: 10.5" x 18"
  • Handle: 12"
  • Overall Length: 30"

Steelhead Pontoon Net

The Steelhead Pontoon Net features a larger hoop size for larger fish and a longer handle that specifically makes this net make sense for pontoon boats or drift boats and rafts. This is the perfect net for lake anglers fishing out of prams on lakes that produce large trout!

  • Bow: 11.5" x 20"
  • Handle: 16"
  • Overall Length: 36"

Clark Fork Net

The Clark Fork Net is a solidly built, beautiful boat net. With its long handle design, it is perfect for your drift boat or raft, or even larger lake prams. With a larger hoop, it is ready and able to handle those larger trout and even small steelhead, bass, etc. Its dimensions are:

  • Bow: 15" x 24"
  • Handle: 30"
  • Overall Length: 54"