Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hooks



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Gamakatsu Big River Bait hooks may not be a common hook in fly shops but they are a useful hook as a trailing hook on steelhead and salmon flies tied on shanks.  The sickle-style bend on these hooks are believed by many anglers to hook and hold fish better.

The Gamakatsu Big River Bait hooks are also a good hook for the "English Style Bait Hooks" often used in fly tying for patterns like San Juan Worms or worm patterns with a body wrapped with wire or V-Rib. 

Gamakatsu Sickle-style Big River Bait Hooks

  • 8 hooks per package in size 1 and 2.  10 hooks per package in size 4 and 6.
  • Sickle Bend.
  • Heavy Wire.
  • Slight upturned eye, Black Nickel Finish.
  • Uses: Trailing / Stinger Hook on shank or tube flies, Worm patterns and Chironomid larva.