Loon Tippet Stack

Loon Outdoors

$8.00 $16.00

The Loon Tippet Stack is a very handy way to store tippet spools and keep them handy.  Loon's Tippet Stack has a velcro strap on the back to easily attach the Tippet Stack to a belt or strap on a pack or even a float tube.  The Tippet Stack also comes with a carabiner to clip it onto vests, packs, etc. 

The Loon Tippet Stack features an aluminum base plate with a durable, elastic cord on which to attach your tippet spools.  To attach or remove spools of tippet, simply remove the barrel lock, add your tippet spools, and replace the barrel lock.  Holds up to five spools of tippet.

  • Tippet storage system
  • Holds up to five spools of tippet
  • Velcro strap attaches to belts or straps
  • Included carabiner clips to packs, vests or boats
  • Aluminum construction is lightweight and durable