Outcast Wheel System



Outcast's Wheel System is for transporting pontoon boats and is a must have item for getting your boat from the car to the lake.  The Outcast Wheel System quickly attaches to the frame of your pontoon boat underneath the seat.  Then, when you are ready to fish, the wheel quickly detaches via a spring clip.  The main bracket remains attached to your boat frame so you can attach and detach the wheel in seconds.

Since the Outcast Wheel System places the wheel under the seat of the boat, another big advantage of the Wheel System is that most of the boat's weight is supported by the wheel.  This makes carrying the boat much easier on the arms and shoulders!  The wheel itself is 14.5-inches in diameter and is a flat proof wheel.

  • Mounting hardware included
  • Powder coated steel fork and bracket
  • Approximate total assembled weight 11.5 lbs
  • Works with 8- to 10-foot single person pontoon boats
  • Fits on most brands of pontoon boats
  • Flat proof 14.5-inch diameter wheel
  • Quick release bracket detaches or attaches the wheel in seconds
  • 1 Year warranty

(Pictured with the boat seat portion of a pontoon boat frame (the gray portion) which is not included.  The Outcast Wheel System includes the black portions and includes everything needed for most pontoon boat installations).