Patagonia Bimini Stretch Fit Cap



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The Patagonia Stretch Fit Cap is super lightweight and made for scorching sun in the August sun at home or on your tropical bonefish trip to Christmas Island.  A lightweight drape on the back is fixed to the inside of the cap to protect your neck and ears from the sun.  Lightweight, plastic snaps allow the drape to be snapped under your chin on windy days while the drape is light enough to be tucked up inside the cap when you don't need it.

An extra long bill on the Patagonia Stretch Fit Cap is dark on the underside to absorb sun rays and provide maximum shading and maximum visibility through your polarized sunglasses for spotting Mr. Bonefish.  An elastic band provides a snug fit for comfortable days on the river or tropical flats.

Size:  L/XL