Prolite Fly Tying Lamp and Magnifier



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The Prolite Lamp and Magnifier is a very nice fly tying lamp/magnifier that produces daylight illumination via its cool, long-lasting LED bulbs.  The LED bulbs produce a natural color light and don't burn out.  They also don't produce heat and get hot.  The flexible stems allow you to place the light or magnifier wherever you choose and are easy to move around.  The Prolite Lamp/Magnifier comes with a solid base unit, but also comes with a C-clamp to secure it to your tying table whichever way suits you best.  The entire unit is also compact enough that it serves well as a traveling light.

  • High intensity lamp with magnifier
  • 60 degree light cone, 140 lumens for plenty of illumination
  • Heavy base with built in storage tray
  • Mounts to a standard 3/8" vise stem
  • C-Clamp for bench mount.
  • Pure daylight illumination without color distortion