Reed's Rod Wraps

Reeds Rod Wraps


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The small Reed's Rod Wraps are a great way to secure your rod pieces cinched together while broken down for easy transport either in the car or through the woods to the secret honey hole.  The are designed with no hard plastic pieces that can mar up your favorite rods finish.  

Small Reed's Rod Wraps will also double as a small tippet spool (like RIO or Umpqua) keeper if you happen to break or loose the stock one.  Just simply feed the line through the bead and pull off whatever you need for tippet. The rest stays securely on the spool where it belongs!

Reed's Rod Wraps are made of 1/8-inch high-grade marine shock cord.  Each package comes with two rod wraps for cinching the top and bottom of the rod.  Works great on 2-piece or 4-piece fly rods, spinning rods, and even larger Spey rods.