RIO Coastal QuickShooter XP



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The Coastal Quickshooter XP is a heavier, more powerful version of the Coastal QuickShooter.  While the Coastal QuickShooter was developed for the smaller rods used on the beaches of the Pacific Northwest, the XP (Extra Powerful) version was developed with the East Coast angler in mind.  The extra powerful head of the XP features more weight at the front and is specifically designed for casting the largest of flies.

All Coastal QuickShooter lines incorporate a supple core and coating to reduce tangling in cooler climates.  They also feature a clear head with a chartreuse running line on the regular QuickShooter and a purple running line on the XP version.

  • Short powerful front taper to turnover large flies
  • Supple core and coating that will not tangle in cooler conditions
  • Clear, easy loading head that empowers the cast at close range
RIO Bonefish Quickshooter XP line taper diagram
Line Size
8 wt XP
9 wt XP
10 wt XP
Full Head Wt Head
Clear/Purple 330gr 32 ft 1.5 in/sec 100 ft
Clear/Purple 375gr 33 ft 1.5 in/sec 100 ft
Clear/Purple 425gr 33 ft 1.5 in/sec 100 ft