RIO Fathom Sinking Lines - Fathom 5



RIO's Fathom 5 Sinking Line is a density compensated full sinking line with a sink rate of 5 inches per second. RIO Fathom 5 Sinking Lines feature a powerful 35-foot head that loads the rod quickly for easy casting and quickly setting you up for long casts.  Welded loops on the front and back of the line allow anglers to change leaders or attach the line to backing with minimal knotsA monofilament core in the Fathom Sinking Lines results in supple line that has just the right amount of rigidity to reduce tangling while casting and fishing.  The Fathom Sinking line family also utilizes a "hang marker" that shows anglers when the line is coming to the end, or when to fish the "hang".  The hang marker also has the lines information imprinted on it for quick line identification.  

The Fathom 5 Hang marker is approximately 20 feet from the front end of the fly line

  • Powerful front loaded head for easy casting
  • Density compensated for perfect line control
  • Color coded "Hang Marker" to help determine the amount of line in the water
  • Welded loops for super fast leader attachment/removal.
RIO Fathom Sink 5 line taper diagram
Line Size
5 wt
6 wt
7 wt
8 wt
Hang Marker
Sink Rate Total
Black/Maroon 172gr 35ft 5 IPS 105ft
Black/Maroon 198gr 35ft 5 IPS 105ft
Black/Maroon 224gr 35ft 5 IPS 105ft
Black/Maroon 260gr 35ft 5 IPS 105ft