RIO Gold Line - 6wt - Melon/Gray - Clearance Sale


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RIO's RIO Gold Line is extremely popular and a great all-round, very versatile line. The unique taper design makes this line load the rod at close ranges and turn-over a wide range of fly sizes with ease. The long belly and rear taper allow for good line control, roll casting, and allow advanced casters to carry more line in the air. The two-tone coloration of the line lets you know where you're at on the line in a glance. Other features include RIO's Extreme Slickness and Agent X technologies for a very slick, dirt-repelling coating and their MaxFloat Tip technology to make the line float as high as possible. As with all of RIO's premium trout lines, a loop is built into the line for easily attaching and removing leaders. A loop is also built into the back of the line to easily attach the line to your backing.

  • Incredible loop stability and distance
  • Unique taper that easily loads a fly rod at close range
RIO Gold line taper diagram
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106gr 158gr 45ft Float 90ft
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250gr 345 50ft Float 90ft