RIO InTouch Big Nasty



The RIO InTouch Big Nasty fly line is designed to cast huge flies with ease. Chucking a big streamer pattern into the wind is no fun but the RIO Big Nasty is here to help.  The Big Nasty is the line of choice for this endeavor with a short, extremely powerful front taper, you can turn over the largest of streamers. The head of the InTouch Big Nasty is over loaded 1.75 times heavy to ensure you get the punch, load and lift you need. The InTouch Big Nasty uses RIO's newest core technology, connect core, to help maintain a straight, non-stretch connection to the fish during the hook set. From giant trout streamers to conehead baitfish flies to big bass poppers, the RIO InTouch Big Nasty is a new tool for your quiver. 

  • Short, powerful front taper to cast large and heavy flies
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum performance
  • Heavier than the industry standard to load easily
  • Supple, coldwater coating ensures no memory off the reel
Rio InTouch Big Nasty line taper diagram
Line Size
Color 30' Head/
Sink Rate Total Length
Moss/Orange 175gr 40ft Float 100ft
Moss/Orange 200gr 40ft Float 100ft
Moss/Orange 230gr 40ft Float 100ft
Moss/Orange 260gr 40ft Float 100ft
Moss/Orange 305gr 40ft Float 100ft