RIO InTouch Deep 5 Sinking Line - Clearance Sale



RIO's InTouch Deep 5 Sinking Line is a medium sinking line with a sink rate of 5-6 inches per second. A powerful head loads the rod up from the first cast; welded loops on the front end allow anglers to change rigs at high speed; RIO's non-stretch "ConnectCore™" core results in fantastic sensitivity for detecting the softest take, and a unique "hang marker" shows anglers when the line is coming to the end, or when to fish the "hang."

The Deep 5 Hang marker is 13 feet from the front end of the fly line

  • Ultra-low stretch core for the ultimate in sensitivity and hook setting capability
  • Powerful front loaded head for easy casting
  • Density compensated for perfect line control
  • Color coded "Hang Marker" to help determine the amount of line in the water
  • Welded loops for super fast leader attachment/removal.

When you rely on your sense of touch to know what's happening underwater, line stretch is the enemy.

RIO InTouch Deep 5 line taper diagram
Line Size
4 wt
5 wt
6 wt
7 wt
8 wt
Hang Marker
Sink Rate Total
Dark Grey/Red 160gr 30ft 5-6 IPS 90ft
Dark Grey/Red 185gr 30ft 5-6 IPS 90ft
Dark Grey/Red 210gr 30ft 5-6 IPS 100ft
Dark Grey/Red 240gr 30ft 5-6 IPS 100ft
Dark Grey/Red 280gr 30ft 5-6 IPS 100ft