RIO InTouch OutBound Short - Intermediate



RIO’s InTouch OutBound Short series of lines are designed to cast large and heavy flies very long distances. Built with RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology. A short, aggressive front taper easily carries large, weighted streamers, while the powerful head design loads rods deeply and efficiently for effortless casts. A full range of densities make this a very versatile line series. Each line features RIO’s XS Technology for super slick performance, and is built with a supple, coldwater coating that ensures the line remains tangle-free.

This is one of our preferred lines for beach fishing on Puget Sound.

This line is already over weighted for true "shooting head" performance.  When choosing a line for your rod, select the line weight that matches your rod.  I.e. an 8-weight rod would generally cast best with an 8 wt Outbound line.

With the introduction of the low-stretch InTouch core to the OutBound family of lines, the option of a "clear" intermediate is not available.  All intermediate InTouch lines feature a gray-colored head instead of the clear head on past Outbound intermediate sinking lines.

  • Front loaded to cast large flies with ease
  • Designed for easy distance
  • XS Technology for a super slick coating
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum performance and sensitivity
RIO InTouch Coldwater Outbound Short line taper diagram
Line Size
6 wt
7 wt
8 wt
9 wt
10 wt
30' Head Wt Head
Gray / Yellow 235gr 30ft 1.5-2 ips 100ft
Gray / Yellow 265gr 30ft 1.5-2 ips 100ft
Gray / Yellow 330gr 30ft 1.5-2 ips 100ft
Gray / Yellow 375gr 30ft 1.5-2 ips 100ft
Gray / Yellow 425gr 30ft 1.5-2 ips 100ft