RIO InTouch Single Handed Spey



The RIO InTouch Single Handed Spey fly line is designed for spey casting or roll casting with a single-handed fly rod.  The RIO Single Handed Spey line is an impressive line to cast.  Utilizing a haul while executing your spey cast, this line will execute long casts with your standard 9-foot rod.  It is also surprisingly good at overhead casting, but is quite a bit heavier than a standard floating fly line and feels similar to a shooting head style line.

The RIO InTouch Single Handed Spey will be a great line for steelhead anglers using single-handed rods or switch rods in tight quarters and fishing small, traditional steelhead flies.  It will also be a great line for trout anglers who want to utilize spey casts or roll casts for dry flies or swinging wet flies.

Here is what RIO has to say about their InTouch Single Handed Spey line

The InTouch Single Handed Spey line has been designed to be a fantastic tool for anglers that prefer/need to perform roll and single-handed Spey casts. The rear weight distribution loads a rod deeply in the tightest of quarters, allowing anglers to make long, effortless casts with obstacles close behind.

Though primarily designed for roll casting, this line also performs exceptionally easy overhead casts with incredibly smooth loop control. Built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore the line provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity and performance.

  • Incredibly easy roll and overhead casting line design
  • Ultra-low stretch core for maximum performance
  • DualTone system to easily identify loading area
  • Thicker handling section lengthens out the head for stability and control
RIO InTouch Single Handed Spey line taper diagram
Line Size
3 wt
4 wt
5 wt
6 wt
7 wt
8 wt
Head Wt
Peach/Camo 150gr 33ft 80ft
Peach/Camo 175gr 33ft 90ft
Peach/Camo 200gr 33ft 90ft
Peach/Camo 230gr 33ft 90ft
Peach/Camo 260gr 33ft 90ft
Peach/Camo 300gr 33ft 90ft