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Rio MainStream Floating Fly Line

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Rio MainStream Floating Fly Line

At Pacific Fly Fishers, we consistently try to bring you the best products at each price point. When it comes to an inexpensive floating line, Rio's MainStream lines are the best we have seen. The tapers and line weights are designed with the novice in mind and result in a line that optimizes rod performance at short to medium distances. However, just because this line is designed for newer anglers, it still incorporates the qualities that have made Rio lines so popular, like minimal memory, slickness, durability, and floatation. In addition, MainStream lines undergo the same rigorous production processes and quality control standards as all Rio products. If you're looking for a quality floating line without the $70+ price tag, choose the Rio MainStream and you won't be disappointed. Length is 82-feet. Color is Lemon Green.

    • Line Size
    • H/Weight
    • H/Length
    • Total Length
    • WF3F
    • 140
    • 36ft 10.9m
    • 80ft 24.4m
    • WF4F
    • 165
    • 37ft 11.2m
    • 80ft 24.4m
    • WF5F
    • 195
    • 38ft 11.5m
    • 80ft 24.4
    • WF6F
    • 230
    • 39ft 11.8m
    • 80ft 24.4m
    • WF7F
    • 280
    • 40ft 12.1m
    • 80ft 24.4m
    • WF8F
    • 310
    • 41ft 12.5m
    • 80ft 24.4m